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NEW - Shock Absorption Pads

Suitable for all disciplines Breakthrough technology has revolutionised our ability to help your horse stay sound and improve their performance.

  Reduce Hoof Impact!

Studies by Benoit et al showed that hoof pads were overall better at dampening the effect of horizontal hoof deceleration at initial impact and reduction of vibration through stance phase.

The Ultimate breakthrough in impact absorption!

Concussive impact forces are a major factor in lameness, causing injury to bone, joint, ligament and tendons.
Furlong Performance have developed a superior impact absorption pad using materials which have been proven to significantly reduce the effect of concussive impact helping to prevent injury to bone, joint, ligament and tendon.

Major limb injuries occur from cumulative stress caused by repetitive vibratory impact.

Furlong Performance Hoof Pads are designed for peak performance training and competing. Helping to prevent vibratory impact.



Furlong Performance Advantages 

The Hoof pad has been constructed using materials that have the capability to absorb and dissipate up to 90% of shock
Hoof pad polymer does not bottom out, unlike other open cell urethanes. It is in this patented process that impact vibration is dampened.
Open cell breathable and lightweight

Anti-fungal. Prevents growth of bacteria

Extremely easy for farrier’s to fit pad between shoe and the hoof.

Once shoe is clinched to the hoof the compression set of the polymer is 0.3mm – 0.5mm. It is in this compression set that nail tension is maintained.




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